Fail Fast. Fail Often. A Mantra for the Privileged.

A for-profit education start-up recently launched in East Africa. Its founding team is a group of Americans, whose impressive track records allowed them to raise seed capital from an international foundation. The organization is doing well, and is now attracting interest from many other well-known impact investors and philanthropic foundations. But entrepreneurship is tough. The … Continue reading

The Returns to a Good Education

If children worldwide are to receive the education they deserve, debate needs to move beyond public versus private, profit versus nonprofit Written with Katelyn Donnelly for Stanford Social Innovation Review – link here William lives with his two young children in a small tin house on a narrow road in Lagos, Nigeria. He sells vegetables … Continue reading

Links I liked

Some of the blogs/articles/books that I found particularly interesting during the time-rich Christmas holidays. Turned out much longer than I anticipated… Lots on inequality: During his inauguration speech, new New York democratic mayor Bill De Blasio vows to wage war on inequality, citing New York’s “tale of two cities”. This includes an increase in taxes … Continue reading

When a School Is Not Enough

This blog was co-authored with Vineet Bewtra  for the Stanford Social Innovation Review The achievement gap between rich and poor is a complex and global challenge. Schooling alone is not meeting the needs of the poorest children. Innovative public-private partnerships for education could be part of the solution. South Africa’s schools face considerable challenges. The national … Continue reading

Charting a course toward a better education

  As the private school sector mushrooms across the developing world, fledgling charter school-style education frameworks are emerging. Fortunate and her friend Melody huddle together at the back of the classroom, practising and perfecting their speech-writing assignment. The task—writing a eulogy to deliver at the funeral of a classmate—seems an unusual choice to us but … Continue reading

What’s love got to do with it?

Tim Harford, in his quite brilliant book Adapt, said: “Few company bosses would care to admit it, but the market fumbles its way to success, as successful ideas take off and unsuccessful ones die.  When we see the survivors of this process – such as General Electric and Procter and Gamble – we shouldn’t merely see success.  We should also … Continue reading