The Capital of Happiness

There are few earthly delights that compare to a pleasant morning in East Africa, sun burning and city bustling, with a good cup of coffee in your hand. Until recently this could prove to be a tall order. The poor quality of coffee served in East Africa, a region that produces some of the best coffee in the world, was a source of great distress to me.

But I am pleased to report that things are changing. In Nairobi, just a few years ago, the only place to get a decent espresso was Java Coffee House at Adam’s Arcade. These days Art Cafe is my market leader. Savana and Coffee World also serve decent cups. And in Kampala, having conducted regular surveys of establishments, I have delighted in the discovery of Cafe Pap – the Capital of Happiness. It certainly makes me happy!

The baristas are friendly and make a super espresso, full of the flavours of Uganda’s rich soil. Their free wifi and pleasant ambience provide an excellent setting for a morning of work. And who could resist such beautiful cappuccino art? My second cup yesterday morning said “relax, baby” – perhaps I was not hiding my business-plan related anxiety as well as I thought.

Cafe Pap keeps this coffee lover coming back for more.


3 thoughts on “The Capital of Happiness

  1. Zanna! Why have you kept this blog a secret! It’s brilliant! Especially this piece and the story about Living Good in Uganda.

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