Some usually confused observations on my work in the world of international development, education and philanthropy.


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  1. This is a very good blog and an interesting focus area. I agree that failure is not often discussed in development. Failure is complex. If one argues that the desirable outcome of all development efforts is to improve peoples lives and to have a more equitable world, then a lot of efforts have failed. It sometimes takes a long time to realise that something have been a failure, especially when the in the short term it seems successful.

    Failure, when identified, has to be shared. It certainly encourages learning and improvement in programmes. I hope with this blog, NGOs especially will come to share their failure. To me, is not a sign of weakness in the NGO or programme, but a sign of admirable strength on the part of the NGO to desire change.

  2. Hi Susannah,

    I wanted to reach out because my team is launching a non-profit named sharEd that aims in bring a cost-effective, high-quality educational curriculum to preschools in informal settlements. We also plan to train teachers and provide these services for a very low monthly fee. More details can be seen at our fully-funded campaign: (www.indiegogo.com/projects/shared-preschool-resources-as-a-service).

    Would love to connect offline to discuss potential resources for early childhood education curricula, teacher training best practices, or experts in the field we could follow up on.

    Please let me know!

    Derrick Wolbert

    Email: dwolbert2016@kellogg.northwestern.edu

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